T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest Upgrade for 2007-2017 Twin Cams




Fitment: 2007-2016 Harley FLH/FLT Touring Models, 2009-2016 Tri-Glides and 2007-2017 Softail and Dynas.

T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest Kit Includes: Your choice of T-Man Performance Cams, Red Shift Tensioners and S&S Quickee Adjustable Pushrods.

Make your cam chest bullet proof by adding additional parts to your build by selecting them in the drop down menu.  All products are described below and why we use them.

A NOTE ABOUT GASKETS:  Depending on the condition of your cam cover gasket, you may/may not need to replace it during your install.  You will need to replace the lifter/tappet block gaskets if you are adding lifters.  Add gaskets in the drop down menu.



Fitment: T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest for 2007-2016 Harley Touring Models & Tri-Glides and 2007-2017 Softail & Dyna Models

Our T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest Upgrade includes your choice of T-Man Performance cams, S&S Quickee Adjustable Pushrods, Zippers Red Shift Dual Piston Tensioners.  Build a bullet proof cam chest by adding other quality products listed below that fit your needs.

T-Man Chain Driven Cams:  T-Man Performance worked diligently with Andrews Products on their NEW Exclusive PS design for the quickest accelerating cams on the market.   Maintaining the reliability of longevity for valve train components and insuring the quiet running valve train was also part of the design. The new grinds are identified by the ‘PS’ stamp on the Cams.  Some of the things that can impact your current or future build are compression ratio, riding style and where you live. One of the most overlooked questions regarding a cam choice is – the elevation where you do most of your riding. A cam choice will vary due to altitude and compression ratios should be considered because of this variation

S&S Quickee Adjustable Pushrods:  Cycle Solutions Inc utilizes these pushrods in every cam chest we build.  That’ s because they allow easy motor access if you should need to go back in down the road and they are made of chrome moly steel for superior strength. This kit consists of 4 quickee pushrods, 4 pushrod covers and required O’rings.  Installation is a snap. Screw the threaded adjuster into the pushrod until the threads disengage and the adjuster simply slides up into the pushrod body. That makes the pushrod assembly shorter, so installation and removal is a snap.  Once the pushrod is installed, pull the adjuster down and re-engage the threads to adjust the pushrod. Once the pushrod is adjusted, the locknut positively prevents the adjuster from moving. The ball ends of Quickee pushrods are drilled so that oil can flow through the pushrods to lubricate the top end. That’s it! It’s a Quickee.

Zippers Red Shift Cam Chain Tensioners:  The new Red Shift Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners are part of your T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest Upgrade and are a must-have for all 2007-2017 Twin Cam performance applications. Red Shift Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners are a direct replacement, aftermarket product designed to improve cam timing accuracy and valve train control at two critical key areas – the drive and driven cam chains.  In every camchest upgrade we do, we replace the flimsy, worn out stock tensioner with these high quality dual piston tensioners that are rated for 100,000 miles.  They eliminate chain instability, shoe rocking, engine noise and wear on valve train parts.  Riders will experience improved throttle response, engine acceleration and engine smoothness as well as increased horsepower and torque after installing these tensioners.


Below are additional products that will take your cam build to the next level.  All of these products are upgrades offered to our customers at our show truck and our shop so that they can build the best cam chest possible that delivers performance and durability, as well as, a guarantee to some bragging rights. 

CSR Cam Plate:  The cam plate is the foundation of the cam chest.  A solid foundation will give you stability, performance and longevity.  The cam plate is what delivers to all the necessary parts of the engine.  Our CSR cam plate has an oil pressure relief valve that is far superior to the one that is in a stock cam plate.  The machining of the stock oil pressure release valve allows oil to bleed past it keeping it from ever reaching peak oil pressure.  Our cam plate has a lower peak oil pressure set at 42 lbs of pop off pressure.  By controlling the peak pop off pressure,  the idle oil pressure increases, the oil is thicker and cooler and the motorcycle runs quieter.  Stock Idle oil pressure is 7%.  By installing our cam plate you can raise your idle oil pressure to 12-14%.  The CSR cam plate also has bronze bearings.  The cams roll on these lightly coated bronze bearings creating less play and a tighter fit that creates higher oil pressure.  If only one cam upgrade product is in your budget then this would be the one to splurge on.

Feuling HP+ Oiling System: This convenient kit includes the Feuling HP+ camplate, oil pump, lifters and gaskets. Oil is the Life Blood of your Engine!  FEULING® oiling system kits combine all the needed components to finish your TC® engines oiling system under 1 Part #, available in HP+®or RACE SERIES® kits. FEULING® oiling system kits increase oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging, eliminating wet sumping and oily air cleaners. Test results show 25-35 degree cooler engine temperatures, 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures, 15-30 more pounds of oil pressure and quieter smoother engine operation. Results also show a substantial increase of oil pressure and 3 H.P. and 4 Ft. Lbs of T.Q to the rear wheel.

-Both HP+® and RACE SERIES® kits include FEULINGS® HIGH FLOW billet camplate made from 7075 aluminum which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory, SE® and other aftermarket camplates. FEULING® increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages including matching the oil port holes throughout the camplate to the port holes in the engine case which increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings.  -HP+® SERIES Kits include a billet 6061 aluminum high volume oil pump, FEULING® HIGH FLOW anodized camplate, HP+® Hydraulic roller lifters, gaskets and O-ring kit.

Feuling HP+ Lifters:  Consider adding Lifters to your T-Man Chain Driven Cam Chest.  Performance full travel hydraulic roller lifters, Optimize oil flow to the top end – valves, Valve springs, rocker arms, rocker shafts & valve guides. Cooler oil and cylinder head temperatures and reduced wear extending life of top end valve gear. CNC machined and precision ground, Drop in replacement for stock lifters, Dyno developed and track tested. Made in the U.S.A.  These lifters have hardened rollers, not harden coated rollers like other lifters which can show wear with as little as 5000 miles.  Cycle Solutions Inc. uses these Feuling lifters in 90% of the cam chests we build because the stock lifters are already failing.

K&P Engineering Lifetime Oil Filter/Cooler:  Cycle Solutions Inc. is all about quality products that perform and here is another great example.  This oil filter is a washable, re-useable oil filter made from billet aluminum that flows oil faster than a traditional paper filter and has a larger cooling area to actually help cool your engine oil down. This filter is available in three different sizes to accommodate any ones budget. Cycle Solutions Inc. worked alongside K&P Engineering to create a larger oil filter for maximum cooling, filtration and performance.  If your budget allows we recommend the S44 XL or the S69 XXXL K&P Oil filter size. The S44 XL version has 20% more cooling surface area than the original S4 and has a total length of 3.57″.  The S69 has 100% more oil cooling surface area and has a total length of 5 1/8″.  If your motorcycle has a crank position sensor where the oil filter goes then you will need to stick with the S44 or S4 Size filter.  The K&P Oil Filter is offered in finishes other than the ones listed here.  If you would like a different finish then call us! Harley’s run hot so why not take every opportunity to help cool them down?

 Click here to watch this video for a better understanding as to why you should upgrade to a K&P Oil Filter/Cooler.

Feuling OE+ Oil Pump: These oil pumps increases oil pressure over stock oil pumps.  These oil pump picks up more oil from the bottom of the crankcase putting it back into the tank.  Dry sump motors make more power when the oil is not sitting at the bottom of the case slowing crank movement.  The Feuling oil pumps paired with the CSR cam plate will give you a quieter running motor and incredible oil pressure.  These oil pumps are made of 6061 billet aluminum with high-flow 2″ chrome moly georotor gears.  The 7030 increases oil pressure with gains of 10% of pressure volume and 16% more scavenge return volume over the stock oil pump and is a great upgrade for the price.  It is a stock replacement oil pump that will deliver more HP and Torque to the rear wheel.  NOTE:  If you are upgrading your oil pump you must also upgrade your camplate.  You can not use your factory camplate with one of these oil pumps.

Inner Cam Bearings:  Cam change kits include genuine Torrington® brand full-compliment (no inner cage) inner bearings – the best you can buy! These inner cam bearings are far superior to the stock ones.  Inner cam bearings can fail by letting needle bearings fall into the case and cause catastrophic damage to a motor. The installation of these bearings goes smoother if you have the specialized tools that allow professional, damage-free removal and installation.  They can be removed with out the tools with a little more effort.  If you can not borrow the tools from a buddy you can purchase the removal tool HERE and the installation tool HERE.

Feuling Cam Chain Drive Sprocket:  This is a machined steel, stock replacement roller chain drive sprocket.  The machine build quality in the tip of the pinion shaft is over machined making the stock roller chain sprocket sloppy.  We have seen up to a 7 degree variance in the rotation of the crankshaft which could advance or retard the crank timing.  The Feuling Cam Chain Drive Sprocket is machined from steel and has a tighter fit than the stock one and has no play or variance on the crankshaft.  You can watch our video by clicking here that better explains this product and why to replace the stock one.

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