Re: Changes to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle warranty

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, has reached a settlement with Harley-Davidson over some of our warranty provisions. The FTC alleges that Harley-Davidson’s motorcycle warranty violated federal law when it indicated that you and other Harley-Davidson owners have to use genuine Harley-Davidson parts and authorized service providers to keep your warranty coverage. The FTC also alleges that we didn’t fully explain in our warranty what it covers and excludes, and it says that was also unlawful.

To settle the matter, we’ve agreed to revise our warranty. We’re enclosing a copy of the revised warranty here.

Do I have to use genuine Harley-Davidson parts and services to maintain my warranty?

No. You may elect to use non-genuine Harley-Davidson parts or service providers not authorized by Harley-Davidson and maintain your warranty. By law, we can’t void your warranty just because you install another company’s parts, use a service provider that is not authorized by Harley-Davidson, or do maintenance or repair work yourself, unless we give you the parts and services for free. However, as discussed below, Harley-Davidson is not obligated to pay for repairs of non-genuine Harley-Davidson parts, or for repairs for damages and defects caused by non-genuine Harley-Davidson parts or the use of non-authorized Harley-Davidson service providers.

Does my Harley-Davidson warranty cover the cost of repairing damages or defects caused by using another company’s parts or by a service provider that is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson?

No. Harley-Davidson can deny warranty claims for damages and defects that are:

    • Caused by using another company’s parts or accessories, or
    • Caused by using non-authorized service providers.

Harley-Davidson will also deny warranty claims for functional defects of powertrain components tuned using a tuning product not covered by a California Air and Resources Board Executive Order or not otherwise authorized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Are there other reasons why Harley-Davidson may deny my warranty claims for damages and defects?

Yes. Harley-Davidson can deny warranty claims for damages and defects that are:

    • Caused by using a genuine Harley-Davidson part or accessory not authorized for use
      on your motorcycle,
    • Caused by misuse of your motorcycle, like using it for racing or competition, or
    • Caused by installing parts designed for improper uses of your motorcycle, like a trailer hitch.

What should I do if I think an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer improperly refused to honor my warranty?

If the dealer refuses to honor your warranty on the grounds that non-genuine Harley-Davidson parts or services were used-without explaining how those parts or services caused damage to the motorcycle or otherwise led to the issues you are seeking warranty coverage for–call us at (414) 343-4172 so we can address the situation. You also can report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

Where can I get the revised warranty and more information?

We recommend that you keep a copy of this notice and the revised Harley-Davidson motorcycle warranty in your files. You can find the revised warranty attached, and at www.h-d.com/2022-Warranty-Addendum.

If you have questions, please visit www.h-d.com/2022-Warranty-Addendum. To learn about your rights under federal warranty law, visit Auto Warranties and Service Contracts https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/auto-warranties-service-contracts on the Federal Trade Commission website.