556Z-32 D&D 2-into-1 Fat Cat Chrome for 2009-2016 Harley FLH/FLT Touring Models



Starting July 1st, 2022 D&D will be passing on a 10% surcharge to all dealers and customers.  Our price reflects the surcharge.  This surcharge is expected to be temporary and will be removed when manufacturing costs go back down in the future.

The D&D Fat Cat fits 2009-2016 Harley FLH/FLT Touring Models and is available in chrome and black with several tip options.  Matching Ghost Pipes also available.

Please select your baffle and tip style in the drop down menu below.  You can also purchase a matching ghost pipe from the menu below as well.



556Z-32 D&D 2-into-1 Fat Cat Chrome for 2009-2016 Harley FLH/FLT Touring Models

2:1 “Boss” Fat Cat exhaust system is a stepped header system at the head is 1 5/8″ to 1 3/4″ to 1 7/8″ at collector and 2 1/2″ where the muffler goes to the header.  This exhaust system has three different baffle options.  The Louvered Wrapped Baffle is the quietest and the Perforated Baffle is a very loud option.  Perforated Wrapped Baffle is a nice middle tone.

All Fat Cat full systems are equipped with heat shields, flanges, exhaust gaskets, bolt kit and baffles. Each exhaust system is designed and dyno tested at their facilities.  This system has both 18mm and 12mm 02 ports so that it can be used with a Thundermax Auto Tune or a Dynojet Auto Tune if desired.

Every pipe is designed to increase low-end torque and horsepower. Performance increases are about 15 percent with the proper tune on the bike.

This is a great sounding exhaust system.  Matching dummy pipes are available for those with wrapped bags or who like the true dual look.


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