S&S Cycle Gear Drive Cam Chest Kit for 1999-2006 Twin Cams




Fitment: S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Upgrade Kit for 1999-2006 Harley Touring Models, Softails and 1999-2005 Dyna Models

S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Upgrade Includes: Your choice of S&S Gear Driven Cams, inner gears, outer drive gears, inner and outer bearings, gasket, S&S Quickee pushrods, S&S oil pump, cam support plate, cams and tappets.





Fitment: S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Upgrade for 1999-2006 Harley Touring Models, Softails and 1999-2005 Dyna Models

Our S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Upgrade includes your choice of S&S Gear Driven Cams, inner gears, outer drive gears, inner and outer bearings, gasket, S&S Quickee pushrods, S&S oil pump, cam support plate, cams and tappets. Build a bullet proof cam chest by adding other quality products listed below that fit your needs.

S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Upgrade:  S&S gear drive kits increase valve timing accuracy by eliminating timing chain lash and loosely-fit stock chain drive.  They reverse the rear Cam’s direction of rotation, providing additional operating clearance between cam lobes; as a result, higher cam lifts are possible with the gear drive kit. NOTE: Material must be removed from the inner surface of the stock gear cover to install S&S gear drive cams. A hydraulic press and other professional-level tools are required to install these kits. Cams for 06 Dyna and 07-17 Twin Cam are for use with models with hydraulic tensioner chain-drive system.  Cycle Solutions Inc. recommends testing your runout to make sure it is within the tolerance allowance to install a gear drive kit. 1999-2004 models require high-lift springs when using the 585G Cam.

S&S Quickee Adjustable Pushrods:  Cycle Solutions Inc utilizes these pushrods in every cam chest we build.  That’ s because they allow easy motor access if you should need to go back in down the road and they are made of chrome moly steel for superior strength. This kit consists of 4 quickee pushrods, 4 pushrod covers and required O’rings.  Installation is a snap. Screw the threaded adjuster into the pushrod until the threads disengage and the adjuster simply slides up into the pushrod body. That makes the pushrod assembly shorter, so installation and removal is a snap.  Once the pushrod is installed, pull the adjuster down and re-engage the threads to adjust the pushrod. Once the pushrod is adjusted, the locknut positively prevents the adjuster from moving. The ball ends of Quickee pushrods are drilled so that oil can flow through the pushrods to lubricate the top end. That’s it! It’s a Quickee.

S&S TC3 Oil Pump and Cam Support Plate:  The S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive kit includes a camplate and pump that are made from precision CNC machined forged aluminum which offers increased structural strength and dimensional stability.  Oil pumps have separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest scavenge each area more efficiently with no interference.  Georotors are designed to tolerate more pinion shaft runout without damage.  Cam chest pick up features a magnetic trap to protect scavenge rotors from metal debris.  Both scavenge rotors are protected from debris, the most common cause of stock oil pump failure  Camplates have passage plugs that are removable for service and bronze pinion shaft bushing in all models and bronze cam bushings. Another feature is an adjustable oil pressure regulator that allows you to adjust without removing plate from engine.

S&S High Performance Tappets:  Great choice for any stock or high-performance application.  Only the finest materials and precision machining techniques are used in the manufacture of these lifters, and strict quality control ensures they will work flawlessly every time, no matter what the application.  The HL2T kit not included.  Sold in sets of four and included in this S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Ugrade Kit.

Below are additional products that you can add to your S&S Cam Chest Gear Drive Kit that will take your cam build to the next level.  All of these products are upgrades offered to our customers at our show truck and our shop so that they can build the best cam chest possible that delivers performance and durability, as well as, a guarantee to some bragging rights. 

K&P Engineering Lifetime Oil Filter/Cooler:  This oil filter is a washable, re-useable oil filter made from billet aluminum that flows oil faster than a traditional paper filter and has a larger cooling area to actually help cool your engine oil down. This filter is available in three different sizes to accommodate anyone’s budget. Cycle Solutions Inc. worked alongside K&P Engineering to create a larger oil filter for maximum cooling, filtration and performance.  If your budget allows we recommend the S44 XL or the S69 XXXL K&P Oil filter size. The S44 XL version has 20% more cooling surface area than the original S4 and has a total length of 3.57″.  The S69 has 100% more oil cooling surface area and has a total length of 5 1/8″.  If your motorcycle has a crank position sensor where the oil filter goes then you will need to stick with the S44 or S4 Size filter.  Harley’s run hot so why not take every opportunity to help cool them down?

 Click here to watch this video for a better understanding as to why you should upgrade to a K&P Oil Filter/Cooler.

Feuling Cam Chain Drive Sprocket:  This is a machined steel, stock replacement roller chain drive sprocket.  The machine build quality in the tip of the pinion shaft is over machined making the stock roller chain sprocket sloppy.  We have seen up to a 7 degree variance in the rotation of the crankshaft which could advance or retard the crank timing.  The Feuling Cam Chain Drive Sprocket is machined from steel and has a tighter fit than the stock one and has no play or variance on the crankshaft.  You can watch our video by clicking here that better explains this product and why to replace the stock one.

S&S High Valve Lift Spring Kit:  This unique S&S design dual-spring kit reduces the risk of valve float.  It is for valve lift to .585″ with 1.800″/130 lb. installed height, 325 lb. at max lift.  Includes springs, top and bottom collars, keeper shims and valve seals.

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