iRIDE Intelligent Air-Assisted Suspension for 2014-Newer HD Touring Models




iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control Suspension System for 2014-Newer HD Touring Models. System includes the command center, iRIDE controller, coil over, air spring, compressor and mount and all required hardware.

Key benefits of this system is the automatic raising and lowering of the motorcycle based on speed, the auto load leveling for passengers and luggage, 40 way adjustable dampening, and over all better performance of the suspension.

Choose the finish of the command center that mounts to your handlebar in the drop down menu.

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iRIDE Intelligent Air-Assisted Suspension System:

ThunderMax, the award winning manufacturer of the ThunderMax ECM is excited to bring you an entire new product to the Harley Davidson® performance market.  The all new iRIDE intelligent air-assisted suspension system is the most advanced suspension on the market for your 2014 and up Touring® motorcycle. Featuring Patent Pending technology with automatic load leveling, which means no more removing the saddle bag for manual adjustments to your suspension for riding one-up, two-up, or with luggage.

The iRIDE intelligent air-assisted suspension system features a touch screen display and gauge interface allowing full control of your motorcycle’s ride height based on vehicle speed including stopped, city, and highway modes. Combined with superior suspension cushion and dampening control, the iRIDE system was developed to provide the absolute BEST RIDE IMAGINEABLE!

iRIDE Benefits Include:

  • Precisely and automatically adjusts to rider, passenger, and luggage weight
  • Fully adjustable “stopped” seat height level = No more tip-toe stops at the red light
  • Automatically raises and lowers based on speed for improved suspension performance
  • Eliminates the need for removing saddle bags to adjust suspension and spring preload
  • Features high quality coil-over shock & air spring cylinder for improved ride quality
  • Touch screen display interface for quick & simple setup and mode selections
  • Patent Pending technology and design + 100% designed & manufactured in the USA!
  • Integrates with ThunderMax to show live critical engine data

The iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control consists of five main components:  iRIDE control module, Command Center, air spring, coil over, and the compressor.
What the kit includes:
          iRIDE Control Module – The control module consists of micro-valving air manifolds and a state of the art circuit board.  The control module is mounted to the sub-frame.  The module is plugged into the data port on the motorcycle where it sends and receives messages along the CAN BUS system (wiring harness).  The control module is responsible for reading the ride height of the motorcycle.  The system does this by use of a potentiometer that uses magnets to the magnetic field to determine the ride height.  Using this rotary position sensor eliminates contact points that can wear.  The iRIDE control module also uses pressure sensors to measure and analyze system and air spring pressure.  The circuit board integrates with the micro-valves and tells the valves to either increase or decrease pressure to the air spring.
         Command Center – The Command Center is the portal into the iRIDE system as well as engine management conditions.  The Command Center mounts on the left hand control and is a direct plug and play system that utilizes the CAN BUS to send and receive messages.  The Command Center uses a high resolution touch screen and can be used with gloves.  The screen allows you to take full control of your suspension system.  The Command Center is available in a black or chrome finish.
         Air Spring – The iRIDE air spring is mounted on the right side of the motorcycle and features hard coat anodizing to prevent wear and increase component longevity.  The spring is an aluminum bodied component that utilizes a piston to compress air.  Most other air systems on the market use air bags that are are prone to leak.  The air spring is what is used to raise and lower the ride height of the bike.
         Coil Over – The iRIDE coil over is manufactured by JRI and is designed by ThunderMax.  The coil over is mounted to the left side of the  bike and is completely adjustable and rebuildable.  The coil over adds to the ride quality of the system with adjustments for preload and dampening.  This gives full control over rebound and cushion.
         Compressor – The iRIDE system utilizes a compressor that also receives information on the CAN BUS from the iRIDE control module.  The compressor includes a CNC machined compressor head that adds cooling fins.  The unit also has a water dryer system on the compressor which allows moisture from the air to collect and dissipate.
          The system works by reading vehicle speed to adjust ride height depending on the speed of the motorcycle.  There are three different ride heights to set, stopped, city, and highway.  Stopped height has a range from 1/2″ to 2″.  City height has a range from 1″ to 2 1/2″.  Highway height has a range from 1 1/2″ to 3″.  These heights refer to shock travel not vehicle height.  The transition speed from stopped height to city height (raising) is not adjustable.  This transition was determined from the speed at which the bike changes from steering to counter steering which is 10 mph.  The transition speed from city to highway height (raising) is adjustable and has a range from 25 mph to 60 mph.  When the bike is decelerating and coming to a stop (lowering) the transition speed between set heights will be 1 mph less than the set speed.


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