Darkhorse Crankworks MAN O-WAR Motorsprocket System for M8 & Twin Cam Models




The Man O-War motorsprocket is the 1st performance engineered primary motor sprocket on the market that provides “instant torque response” combines with an “engine pulse absorbing cushion drive” primary system for Harley Davidson® Twin Cam and Milwaukee 8 models.



Darkhorse Crankworks MAN O-WAR Motorsprocket System for M8 & Twin Cam Models

Engineered to Withstand the test of Time and Torque
Through extensive model design & testing, the Man O-War Motorsprocket is the only product on the market today that is engineered for longevity compared to OEM compensating sprockets without sacrificing riding comport. This patented system also puts an emphasis on chassis effect compared to the noise and harsh feeling under loads associated with 1 piece solid motor sprockets.

These premium features combined with inexpensive maintenance versus expensive compensator based sprockets that fail and need to be replaced as an entire unit. The Man O-War will be the last motorsprocket you will need to buy for your Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam or M8 model.

Balanced & Bulletproof
All these benefits combines with being a billet machined, balanced motorsprocket that weighs nearly 2 pounds less that the OEM compensator and ½ the amount of parts, you do not have to look any further to increasing your “trouble free” miles on your Harley Davidson® Milwaukee * or Twin Cam motorcycle.

Replacing our cushions cost considerably less than an other system, estimated at under 1 hour labor with proper tooling and our certifies 8 piece cushion kit that is currently priced at $39.95 + tax and shipping.

Gear Options
Available in the OEM 34 tooth sprocket, or you can raise your RPM range with our 32 tool gear sprocket to allow faster acceleration & better utilization of 6th gear at lower speeds without lugging.

*Purchasing the 32 tooth sprocket requires a primary chain adjuster shoe that attached to OEM auto chain tensioner available from our extensive dealer network or at our Man O-War Motorproducts on-line store at www.darkhorsecrankworks.com.
*Master rebuild kits including drive sprocket inner busing will require the unit to be sent in for service. * piece Cushion kits are available from our dealer network or at our Man O-War Motorproducts store.

12 Month Limited Warranty

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34 Tooth for 2007-16 Twin Cam (DH-MMS-ATC34), 34 Tooth for 2017-Newer M8 (DH-MMS-AM834), 32 Tooth + Shoe for 2007-2016 Twin Cam (DH-MMS-ATC32 + 1047-0050)


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