Bagger Nation Cult 45 Crown Slip-On Mufflers for 1995-Newer Touring Models



Bagger Nation Cult 45 Crown Slip-On Mufflers for 1995-Newer Touring Models

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Bagger Nation Cult 45 Crown Slip-On Mufflers for 1995-Newer Harley-Davidson Touring Models:

Bagger Nation’s New Cult 45 Performance Exhaust provides an aggressive thunderous sound quality while increasing horsepower and giving your bike a totally badass & unique custom look!

The creator of the original “stylized” exhaust end caps now brings you the most aggressive exhaust systems available.  Yaffe’s 30 years of designing expertise and state of the art manufacturing capabilities have produced nothing short of an amazingly aggressive performance increasing exhaust system!

The team has taken their favorite aspects from years of custom and production exhaust system know-how and combined them to create the perfect pipe.  A swedged 4″ pipe body provides a seamless flow from header to pipe body.  Paul designed a selection of massive 4.5 inch, CNC machined, billet end caps that not only provide a thunderous, deep exhaust note, they also create a perfect cosmetic balance in both size and shape to complement the rear end of your H-D Touring model.  By fitting these pipes with a massive 2.5″ diameter, wide-open perforated race core we created an incredible tone and terrific horsepower and torque gains throughout the RPM range.  Available in both black and chrome you can choose your favorite style of designer end caps to go with the style of YOUR bike!

The unique cannon like look of the 4″ diameter pipe that explodes into Bagger Nation’s exclusive 4.5″ designer billet tips provides an incredible custom look and a totally unique exhaust note.

Fitment and Part Number Information:

  • 1995-2016 Twin Cam Touring | Chrome | C45-PP-CR-C | Distributor SKU: 827-05809
  • 1995-2016 Twin Cam Touring | Black | C45-PP-CR-B | Distributor SKU: 827-05808
  • 2017-Newer Milwaukee-Eight | Chrome | C45-PP-17-CR-C | Distributor SKU: 827-05801
  • 2017-Newer Milwaukee-Eight | Black | C45-PP-17-CR-B | Distributor SKU: 827-05800

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