LOVE JUGS have been designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality throughout. For example, LOVE JUGS are made of the best quality materials with no skimping anywhere.

POWER: LOVE JUGS manufactures the most powerful, and by far the most effective, high performance, waterproof fans available. We do not use “Off the shelf” fans that all our competitors use. At 252 CMFs, our fans put out over twice the air as the nearest “competitor”. Don’t be fooled by the comments of overkill, your hot beast needs every bit of the velocity that we provide. But it’s not only how much air, but where that air flow is directed. Our engineers have meticulously located the unit to sit at precisely the optimum placement to concentrate the LOVE JUGS powerful air streams, at the hottest area of your engine’s cylinders. Only a two fan system can properly direct the air to the critical heat producing areas; and only Love Jugs has the power to do so very effectively. This system uses a low amperage draw to operate. It uses a maximum of 3.2 Amps.

CONSTRUCTION: Love Jugs are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in every regard. The body is all Aircraft quality Stainless Steel construction polished to a high chrome finish. Compare this material to others whose body construction is either aluminum or mild steel. Although it’s more expensive, we exclusively use stainless steel because, unlike the other painted or chromed metals, it will never blister, chip. or rust. Ten years from now LOVE JUGS will still look brand new. Another important fact that sets our product apart from the field is that no welding is used in our manufacturing process. This is especially important considering the extreme vibrating environment generated by a Harley engine. Weld free manufacture prevents material fatigue, as well as the failure factor common in welded parts. These perils are not an issue for LOVE JUGS.< br> FANS: This is arguably the most important single element in all the systems. Let the facts speak for themselves. First of all LOVE JUGS fans are twice as powerful than their nearest competitor. In addition, they are 100% waterproof. We were shocked to discover that some other manufacturers actually have been employing less expensive indoor rated fans which will short out when exposed to water. For over two years our engineers aspired to master the art of cooling your hot beast. Using thermodynamic photography, along with in-shop and on-the-road testing, our engineers determined just how much power and what precise placement a cooling system needs to have in order to make your engine think it’s being cooled by an equivalent amount of air when standing still as it would tooling down the highway.

PERFORMANCE: Love Jugs are by far the most powerful and effective cooling system available. Our competition say’s that Love Jugs’ superior power is overkill, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course they have to make up a ridiculously false statement like that. What else can they say? They can’t even come close to matching Love Jugs’ power and effectiveness. Here is what the Buell engineers quote in their US Patent application for a forced air cooling system. “The higher the volume of air flowing over an air cooled motorcycle engine, the more effective the cooling fins are at transferring heat from the engine to the air.”

WATERPROOFING: Love Jugs’ IP 68 fans have always been 100% waterproof from our first prototype on. They will actually run while submerged underwater! Believe it or not, some competing systems use indoor rated fans which will short out when exposed to water – even during a washing.

OIL TEMPERATURE: Oil temperature is another vitally important issue that LOVE JUGS solves. Even a fan assisted oil cooler cannot equal the cooler oil temps. of a Love Jugs equipped air cooled V-twin engine. It has been proven and well known that a LOVE JUGS cooling system will lower oil temperatures, which dramatically increases oil pressure especially at idle, due to the cooler operating engine temperatures of LOVE JUGS equipped bikes. Increased oil viscosity due to cooler oil is critical for the longevity of your engine.

WARRANTY: Love Jugs are rated for a minimum of 20,000 hours of life. We provide you with a full year 100% warranty on electrical components and three (3) year warranty on all other parts


1. Look at your Harley’s horn mounting bracket. If you see a rod bolted to the center of the horn bracket that connects to a bracket welded to your frame, the rod is in the way of the FMK, so the FMK will not fit your bike. In that case the Vibration Master is your best choice. Do not order the FMK if your bike has that stabilizer rod from the engine to the frame. (See image above that shows the bracket with and without the stabilizing rod)

2. The Frame Mount Kit is engineered to fit Harleys with a square back bone frame section located directly under the tank. Using a flashlight, look at the frame that is directly above the horn, you should see a flat surface, that’s the bottom section of the square tube. (NOTE: If you see tubes to the rear of the tank, you are not looking in the right place.) These tubes are welded to the square tube section of your frame. Again, look directly above the center of the cylinders.
Once you have determined that your bike has that square tube section, and does not have the stabilizer rod, chances are very good that you can use the FMK. You just need to verify that there is no tie rod or other obstructions such as an ignition switch in that area. Here are the EXCEPTIONS:

All 2014-Newer FLH/FLT Touring bikes MUST have the 8 PIN adapter plug to install this product.


The most important detail for maximum performance and longevity of your Love Jugs is how you install them on your bike. Currently, there are four installation options. They are listed in order of desirability, with option# 4 being the most desirable.

1. STANDARD ENGINE MOUNT. Mount your Love Jugs to the engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket with the supplied thick vibration damper. This is the mounting system that comes in the box.
Pros ….. Everything for a horn mount installation is included in our box. The average installation time is about half an hour.
Cons ….. Your Love Jugs and horn assembly are mounted to your engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket. This will vibrate the most of the four available installation options.

2. VIBRATION MASTER (V-M). The Vibration Master is the most desirable option if your bike will not accept our Frame Mount Kit. The V-M is an attractive and Heavy Duty method of mounting your Love Jugs to your engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket. It’s a real work horse. Two heavy duty vibration dampers encased in a highly polished Stainless Steel enclosure, replace the stock Harley vibration damper. The V-M is guaranteed against any type of failure for 5 years.
Pros ….. A very secure and attractive mounting method that is superior to mounting your Love Jugs directly to the Harley horn mounting bracket. The V-M positions your Love Jugs perfectly for maximum cooling effectiveness. Installation time is about 5 minutes. Will still look perfect 10 years from now due to the Stainless Steel construction of the Vibration Master.
Cons….. Love Jugs are mounted directly to the engine. As reported by our customers there is a significant reduction of vibration to the Love Jugs on most models, but it is not as effective on some bikes. Why is that? Many factors that are unique to each bike determine the vibration reduction effectiveness of the V-M such as, wear on tie rods and motor mounts, work done to engines, the many different engine types, type of frames, idling RPM’s etc . all effect engine vibration.

3. FRAME MOUNT KIT (FMK). The FMK re-locates the Love Jugs and Harley horn assembly from the engine, and mounts it to your frame where the vibration is significantly less. The installation of the FMK along with the Love Jugs will take you about 1 hour to complete. This will undoubtedly be the best hour you will ever spend working on your Harley. The results will make you happy for years to come and your engine will be protected from all the bad and destructive consequences that happen from an overheated engine.
Pros…… Just about eliminates all the vibration transmitted to the Love Jugs. You, your bike, and your engine will run stronger and last longer. If your bike is a candidate for the FMK, by all means add it to your Love Jugs purchase, this is the most important option you can invest in. Guaranteed against any type of failure for 5 years.
Cons….. The Frame Mount Kit does not fit all Harley Models. Read HOW TO DETERMINE IF THE FRAME MOUNT KIT WILL WORK ON YOUR BIKE? to find out if your bike is FMK friendly.

4. COMBO MOUNTING. The ultimate Love jugs installation is a combination of the FMK (Frame Mount Kit) and the V-M (Vibration-Master). By combining the two installation products, you will experience the best performing and longest lasting cooling system that money can buy. Your rides are about to become so much more comfortable. Get ready to be amazed!
Pros…… Virtually vibration free environment for all Love Jugs Cooling Systems. Super secure installation.
Cons….. Does not fit all Harley Models due to stabilizing rod on some models.