Big Bore Core Exchange


This product has a core charge/exchange requirement.  Cycle Solutions needs cores to make more big bore kits.  We require a core exchange program to help keep the costs of the big bore kits as low as possible for our customers.  Without the return of cores then Cycle Solutions Inc would have to purchase more cores which would increase the cost to make the kits which would increase the cost to our customers.

TWIN CAM CORES: The core charge to purchase a Twin Cam kit is $200 for the cylinders and $450 for the heads for a total of $650.00.  You will need to return your cylinders and heads to receive a refund for the core charge.  See return info below.

MILWAUKEE EIGHT CORES: The core charge for the M8’s is $550.00 and this is for the heads only.  Cycle Solutions needs the heads returned to us for you to receive a refund on the core charge.  We do not need your cylinders for an M8.  See return info below.


1.  You can pay the core charge up front along with the purchase price of the big bore kit and your kit will ship out as soon as possible.  Once you do the install you can return your heads to us for your core charge refund.  If cores are not returned then Cycle Solutions will use the core charge to purchase more cores to make more kits.  Cores must be returned within 45 days of your kit shipping out in order to receive your refund.

2.  You can pay the purchase price of the kit and send in your cores.  Once we receive your cores then your kit will ship out as soon as possible. If you would like your cores to be used to create your big bore kit then please let us know.  This is a slower option because you have to disassemble your motor to send in the cores but if time is not an issue with your project then this option may work for you.

All cores must be in top quality shape with no damage to the fins, cracks or any other area of the item that would deem them unusable.  Cycle Solutions will inspect the cores upon receipt to ensure they are usable cores. If they are deemed unacceptable then Cycle Solutions Inc. will contact you to discuss additional options.


It is very crucial that your cores do not get damaged in shipping. Cycle Solutions Inc is not responsible for damage to cores that are shipped in by customers.  Customers must do their due diligence to ensure that their items are securely packaged from damage.  Cores must be wrapped and triple wrapped and well protected from being tossed around in shipping.  We recommend two layers of cardboard between and around all cores.  You are responsible for the shipping cost and condition of the cores being returned to us.  Cores are to ship to the following address:

Cycle Solutions Inc.
3585 S. 600 E.
Hartford City, IN 47348

Have a question about our core exchange program?  Call us at 765-768-6000 ext. 1 or email us at