Feuling M8 Cylinder Head Breathers

Feb 15, 2023 | New Products, Performance Products

Feuling has just launched a new product. Check out their cylinder head breathers for the M8. We have already installed several sets of this product and we are super impressed. They used tried and proven technology from the twin cam version and fitted it for the M8. Here is how they work. During the downward stroke of the crank there is air being moved under pistons that air passes through the crankchest into the camchest.  This air continues to travel from the camchest up the pushrod tubes into the rocker boxes and then it enters these vents.  The vents release the pressure out of the breather holes into the heads. When the pistons start traveling back up the breather valves slam shut to keep air from the outside being pulled back into the crankcase. This allows the oil pump to do its job of removing oil from the crank case and putting it back in the engine.  The factory head breathers are plastic and faulty.  They do not seal shut and allows air to travel into the crankchest causing the bike to sump because the oil pump can not pull the oil out.  Cycle Solutions has always believed that this was the primary cause of why the M-Eight motors sump and that is why we recommend on every performance build we do to replace the factory breather valves with an aftermarket version.  T-man Performance was the first one to put a product like this on the market and we have installed many of them.  This Feuling version is a nicer design and will earn its place in our product line and be a part of our performance builds going further.

FEULING Cylinder head breathers for Milwaukee Eight engines. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum with square surfaces, promoting excellent umbrella valve sealing, longer main breather exit nipples with dual O-rings to promote better breather system sealing. Properly sized breather inlets and location for optimum engine breathing. Unique design maximizes breather volume and allows for easy serviceability. Breather bodies have multiple drain ports located on the inside floor, ports are chamfered on ID to allow easy drainage yet squared off on exits to deter filling from splash oil. Anodized Feuling red. Kits include: billet breather housings, billet covers, breather filter elements, umbrella valves and quality hardware

This part is currently in stock and ready to add to your build.  We will also be offering this product our our show truck and will be offered as part of our rocker box upgrades and engine builds.  You can purchase this product by clicking here.  Add this part to an S&S rocker box performance build.