It’s here! Testing begins on the new Thundermax 309-591 on our 2021 Road King Special

Jan 24, 2022 | New Products

Wednesday felt like Christmas at Cycle Solutions Inc. Even as an adult you can still experience the giddiness of a much anticipated product. Our 2021 Road King Special has been waiting patiently, just like all the other 2021 M-Eight models, for the Thundermax Auto Tune Module. Cycle Solutions received the very first pre-production Thundermax 309-591, serial number 1, to install on the Road King and give it a thorough test over the next few weeks.  We will be installing, setting up and tuning this unit and posting videos along the way.   Chris created this quick video below to share the excitement!

Without the thundermax 309-591 tuner, we have been limited on the number of performance upgrades we could do to the bike in fear of damaging the motor.  We did install a D&D Billet cat with the big bore baffle back in Sturgis 2020 for two reasons.  Number one is because the bike was just too darn quiet and number two, because we had one in stock and we could!  With just minimal miles on the bike, 98 to be exact, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get this build in the works.

Our video line up will include setting up the thundermax auto tune, performance gains throughout the different stages and discussion of the products and why we use them.  You will see the horsepower and torque numbers grow as we complete each build.

The Thundermax auto tuner is our tuner of choice because it allows us to make as much and as many changes to the air/fuel ratio needed for a perfect running motorcycle. Plus you can never out grow it.  It can handle any performance upgrade you can throw at it.  A lot of our customers do their upgrades in stages.  This tuner has benefits for all performance upgrades even if it is a basic stage one with an exhaust and air intake.  The throttle response is fantastic, less downshifting, cooler running engine, and rev limits are a thing of the past.

We anticipate the 2021 M-Eight thundermax auto tuner will be available around Daytona Bike week in early March.  We will do a post as soon as they are released and we will fill all pre-orders at that time.  Get your order in now if you want to reduce the wait time to get your hands on this tuner.  Only takes a $200 deposit.

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