New Product: S&S Cycle M8 Cam Chain Tensioner

Jan 7, 2021 | New Products

Cycle Solutions Inc. has been waiting for an aftermarket cam chain tensioner for the Milwaukee Eight HD models and finally it is here.  Check out the new S&S Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner for the Harley Davidson M8.

Larger piston diameter, tighter tolerances, thicker shoe material, and built-in direct chain oilers make the new S&S hydraulic chain tensioners the best option for 2017 and later Harley-Davidson® M8 owners running chain drive cams. Now Available from Cycle Solutions.  The billet tensioners are made in America and will add longevity and performance to your valve train. They are a must have for cam upgrades.

Product Features:

  • Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum
  • Thicker shoe for longer wear
  • Direct chain oiling
  • Larger piston for more consistent pressure
  • Tighter tolerances improve stability

These tensions will be in stock this month so do not hesitate to get one on pre-order.  There will be limited quantity initially so if you are in the process of doing a cam chest on your M-Eight or will be soon then get this part on order asap!.

Watch for our upcoming video on this part as soon as it is in our hands for an install.