Purchasing performance parts just got easier! Snap Financing can get you your parts NOW, and pay for them LATER!

Aug 6, 2020 | Sales

Are you longing for more performance from your motorcycle but can’t take the plunge because 2020 has you on a thin budget? Cycle Solutions Inc. has made purchasing performance parts easy with Snap Finance!  Snap Finance offers special financing to our customers for web purchases, event purchases and work performed at our shop locations.
Coming to Sturgis and want to hang onto your cash?  Get pre-approved before arrival and we can process your loan on site or apply when you get here!   Get the upgrades you deserve with the option to pay for them over time.  Financing options are available for up to $3000.00 to help you get the products you want now, with the convenience of paying for them over 12 months.  Even if your credit score is a little less desirable than you would like it to be.
Snap loans offers:
  • Flexible Payments
  • A 12 month agreement
  • 100 day cash pay off option
You can fill out an application via your cell phone or computer.  Approval is fast, typically within seconds of completing the application process. Once you are approved then you give us a call or send us an email that you are approved and we will help you with the items you want to purchase.
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