Is your stock suspension robbing you of an enjoyable ride? Suspension upgrades available in Sturgis and at our shop locations

Aug 7, 2020 | Events, Performance Products

That long, rough bumpy ride with your stock suspension have you wishing for something better? We have it!!! Cycle Solutions carries the top brand suspensions for everyone’s riding style including iRide, Ohlins, JRI and Legends. Great prices and professional installation going on right now at the 2020 Sturgis 80th Anniversary Motorcycle Rally. Come see us at the corner of 8th Street and Lazelle and start enjoying your ride, where ever that may be!

Legend Suspensions are a leader in the suspension industry by using the highest quality materials along with innovative and practical designs. They believe their first responsibility is to satisfy the customer, while at the same time enhancing the way a rider feels while riding their motorcycle.  Made in the USA right here in Sturgis, SD!


Öhlins aftermarket suspension products designed for Harley-Davidson deliver dramatic handling improvement over the stock suspension.  With a turn of a dial, you control whether you want a plush, compliant ride for long stretches of open road, or a firmer suspension for hugging mountain corners and curves. Ohlins offers many price levels for any ones’s budget and are referred to as the cadillac of suspensions!

JRi Shocks offers a complete line of Harley-Davidson Suspension products which includes fork cartridges for the front and shocks for the rear with performance based settings for improved comfort and handling. Designed specifically for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, the fork cartridges are tuned to work in unison with JRi rear shocks to provide a smooth and controlled ride. Fantastic shocks for the aggressive rider.  Made in the USA.

iRIDE Key benefits of this system is the automatic raising and lowering of the motorcycle based on speed, the auto load leveling for passengers and luggage, 40 way adjustable dampening, and over all better performance of the suspension.  This system comes with a digital screen for that allows for quick on the fly adjustments and viewing of critical engine data if used with a Thundermax Auto Tune.  Made int he USA.