Looking to spice up your Rinehart Mufflers? Replacement Tips and Baffles available

May 11, 2020 | Performance Products

Tired of your current Rinehart muffler tips?  Need some more sound to spice up your life? Rinehart has some products available that can change how your mufflers look and sound. These gorgeous tips are like jewelry for your bike and there is a style for every occasion.


Upgrade the look of your Rinehart Mufflers with the Moto Series End Caps. Fits Touring True Duals and Slip-Ons and Softail Slip-Ons.
  • Moto Series End Caps for Harley-Davidson Touring or Softail models
  • Choose between three styles: Slot, Merge, and Castle
  • CNC Machined from billet aluminum
  • Available in 3.5” or 4” for use with Rinehart Racing True Duals or Slip-Ons for Touring models and 3.5” Slip-Ons for Softail models.
  • Sold in pairs

Looking to freshen up and add some extra power, and sound to your Rinehart Racing Exhaust? We have High Performance Baffles for the Harley M8 and Twin Cam Rinehart Exhaust.

Rinehart Racing 100-0185 Performance Baffles for M8 Harley-Davidson Touring Models:

  • This 2.5” split-spiral core baffle increases the sound by approx. 10%, which is significant, giving the bike a much louder, more aggressive tone, all the way through the RPM range.
  • These baffles will also increase the Horsepower and Torque by a small margin, ensuring no loss of power.
  • No need for tuning or re-mapping.
  • Direct replacement for existing baffles, comes with all hardware needed for installation.
  • Fits all Milwaukee 8 Touring Slip on mufflers.
  • Sold as a pair

Rinehart Racing 100-0111 Hi-Flo Baffles for 1995-2016 Harley-Davidson Touring Models:

  • Replaces stock Rinehart baffles
  • More airflow for more horsepower!
  • Fits all 1995-Newer Rinehart True Duals, Classic Duals or Xtreme True Dual
  • Also fits all Rinehart 3.5″ or 4″ Slip on mufflers
  • Sold as a pair