Feuling Vented Dipsticks NOW AVAILABLE for Softail M-Eights!

Mar 24, 2020 | New Products

Feuling Vented Dipsticks will allow excessive crankcase pressure to vent.Feuling 3087 Polished Dipstick

The newly available Feuling Vented Dipstick is a helpful product for releasing crankcase pressure.  This product was originally designed for the Milwaukee Eight models to help reduce the problems they experience with wet sumping.  For years some professional builders have vented oil tanks in hidden locations.  Now the Feuling Vented Dipstick can be purchased for 2007-2016 Twin Cams as well as 2017-Newer M8 models including softails!

Why install a proper vented dipstick on your motorcycle like the Feuling Vented Dipstick?

Some motorcycles experience what is called oil blow by.  This is when oil is pushed out through the air intake.  This problem is not only frustrating, it creates an oily mess on the motorcycle and can even blow out oil onto the rider if the problem is severe.  When pressure builds on top of the oil in the oil tank/pan  it pushes down on the oil causing it to migrate into the engine making it harder for the sump side of the oil pump to suck the oil up and return it to the tank/pan.

Milwaukee Eight models have a wet sumping issue because the wet sump fills up with oil and the oil pump can not return it back to the oil tank/pan sufficiently and will allow oil to fill in the dry sump.  A vented dipstick can help reduce the risk of wet sumping in a M8 motorcycle.

There are products out there that are designed to try and collect this oil but does not remedy what is causing the problem.  We believe in correcting the issue instead of trying to apply a Band-Aid.  A vented dipstick can help relieve pressure and help remedy the problem of blow by.

The Feuling Vented Dipstick utilizes a rubber umbrella valve from a twin cam engine.  This umbrella valve is a proven one-way crankcase vent to let pressure out.  Pressure that resides below the dipstick goes through the relief hole and passes out through the rubber umbrella valve.

Large motor builds can create excessive crankcase pressure.  You can purchase a larger capacity oil pan to help reduce the crankcase pressure but they are quite pricey.  A vented dipstick is a cheaper alternative than adding a larger oil pan.

Cycle Solutions Inc. keeps this product in stock and ready for install.