Cycle Solutions Kim Waddell on Rekluse EXP Clutch for Harley Sportster

Jun 29, 2017 | Tales from the Road, Testimonials

Cycle Solutions Inc is always looking for new products that work. In Sturgis we came across the Rekluse EXP Clutch. This clutch can hold up to about 140 horsepower with the right SE spring. This clutch system is available for all big twins hydraulic or cable with fitments from 1998-newer HD Motorcycles. Just shift, twist and go! The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time for shifting and taking off. What makes this clutch unique is its centrifugal lockup clutch. You can pull your clutch in at a stoplight, drop the bike into 1st or 2nd gear and release the clutch. This was designed so that when you are in heavy traffic you can leave your bike in gear and not have to keep pulling the clutch in constantly during stop and go traffic. Anyone that has experienced traffic on Main Street during Daytona Bike Week could benefit from this product. You feed it throttle & it automatically expands, slipping and locking the clutch. Clutch performance is smooth as glass. You can take off on loose surfaces with more confidence and excellent traction control. You can inch along in traffic and then when traffic clears you can shift up a gear by pulling the clutch in and go back to normal clutch function.