Rinehart Racing Slimline Duals Header Kit for 2014-Newer Indian Touring



Rinehart Racing Slimline Duals Header Kit for 2014-Newer Indian Touring

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Rinehart Racing Slimline Duals Header Kit for 2014-Newer Indian Touring:

Complete your exhaust system upgrade with a Rinehart Racing® Slimline Duals® Header Kit. This kit is the perfect solution for riders who want to add a header system to an Indian® Touring bike that is already equipped with slip-on mufflers.

Fitments for 2014-Later Indian Roadmaster, Dark Horse, Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain models

*Rinehart Racing 4″ Slip-On Mufflers pictured here are sold separately

  • Slimline Duals® Header Kit for select 2014-Later Indian Touring models
  • Performance-based system delivers a blast of torque and horsepower, outgunning all the other pipes on the market
  • Precision designed bends in the header routing significantly improve exhaust flow out of the motor, creating a superior scavenging effect, leading to much better performance
  • Innovative power chamber provides for equalization of exhaust pressure to front and rear cylinders, which maintains optimum head temperatures and greatly improves torque and horsepower
  • Fitting in closer to the bike, the Slimline Duals keep the heat away from rider and passengers legs, providing a more comfortable riding experience
  • Placement of the headers allows for more ground clearance compared to stock crossover header
  • Two piece design makes for easy installation
  • Specially designed to mate up to Rinehart Racing Slip on mufflers for a high performing and head turning full system
  • Each pipe features 12mm and 18mm o2 ports, ideally placed for optimum tunability, whether using a Narrow or Wide band tuner
  • Available in chrome or black


Installing an aftermarket header system such as these, requires additional tuning. If you do not have a tuner, we recommend a Power Commander V.


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