Ohlins FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridge kit for 2018-Newer Harley XG750A Street Rod






Ohlins FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridge kit fits 2018-Newer Harley XG750A Street Rod.  This is a high end cartridge damping system to maximize comfort and vehicle control giving you the smoothest, comfortable ride possible.  OUR KIT INCLUDES ALL THE REQUIRED PARTS FOR INSTALLATION:  FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridge Kit and a Pair of Springs. (Specialty tools and suspension fluid can be added in the drop down menu)

Fill out the form and we will ship your fork kit with the appropriate spring rate based on your rider weight.  There are three optional specialty tools available for purchase to make the install go smoother.  Please note this kit is more difficult to install than ones on traditional forks .  Add the tools and Ohlins suspension fluid to your order in the drop down menu below.

For best pricing make an offer or call us at 765-768-6000.



Ohlins FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridges

The Öhlins FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridges with the NIX 30 Cartridge is based on experience learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. The kit delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to rider confidence. The NIX 30 is developed to increase performance for light weight sport bikes and street bikes, the cartridge kit gives the bike stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort which contributes to rider confidence.

The Ohlins FKS 506 Front Fork Cartridges kit has the Öhlins proven “NIX” design which features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg. This allows for a more precise function and stability. Adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload and the cartridge system fits bolt-on. The NIX 30 Cartridge Kit has been tested extensively and tailor made to suit the individual requirements and characteristics for each individual bike..

Motorcycles are designed for a broad spectrum of riders (an average), but a motorcycle’s suspension only functions properly when it’s designed for you. Öhlins USA is dedicated to personalizing motorcycles to match the needs and abilities of riders, from neophytes to champions.

In motorcycling, more than increased horsepower, lightweight components, or digital ignition management, the suspension defines the experience. An Öhlins suspension alone can significantly reduce lap times, increase confidence and double the enjoyment for every rider of any ability. An Öhlins suspension can make a world tour a ride around the park.

The dynamic relationship between rider and road is managed solely by a motorcycle’s suspension. Because of that, the feel, the feedback, and the fun of riding all depend on the quality of the suspension. Our highly trained technicians at Öhlins USA are here to assist you in personalizing your machine to your needs.

Öhlins is the fun quotient!

Öhlins USA technicians are control freaks, determined to tune your motorcycle’s suspension to give you maximum control. At Öhlins USA your suspension is designed for your needs, your abilities, and to maximize your personal enjoyment of your track day experience.

The fastest starts, the quickest stops, the highest speeds, the slowest crawls, the tightest turns, and the sharpest bumps, are where Öhlins suspension tuning and components excel. The world’s best riders rely on Öhlins to help them ride better, and they’re already the world’s best riders. Let Öhlins make you a better rider.

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