Khrome Werks 202665 4.5″ HP-Plus Slip-On Mufflers for 2017-Newer M8 Touring Models



Khrome Werks 202665 4.5″ HP Plus Chrome on Chrome Slip-On Mufflers for 2017-Newer M8 Touring Models

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Khrome Werks 202665 4.5″ HP-Plus Chrome on Chrome Slip-On Mufflers for 2017-Newer M8 Touring Models:

50 State emissions compliant replacement parts for Touring models when used with factory catalytic converter equipped head-pipe. Engineered for performance, style and sound. These mufflers have been dyno tested and show 12% increase in torque and 7% increase in power. They produce the Khrome Werks signature, authoritative tone without annoying high-frequency noises.

  • 4.50″ 16-guage muffler body
  • Absorptive baffle covered with stainless steel mat and high-temp fiberglass
  • Improved torque and horsepower from the hit of the throttle
  • Billet aluminum tips can be rotated 360° at 90° increments; feature a high-temp powder coated finish
  • Other Tips also available separately; fit all 4.5″ Khrome Werks mufflers that accept billet aluminum tips
  • Optional Ripper baffles boost low-end performance and enhance sound
  • Bolt-in optional inserts available that comply with SAE J2825 sound test with no appreciable loss of performance
  • Mufflers and optional baffles sold in pairs; optional end caps sold each
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Baffle Insert Descriptions

Khrome Werks 202708P Performance InsertThis insert does the best at recovering torque curves without a loss in high end HP.  It does tend to quiet the exhaust down a bit but for the most part, these will be used in higher performance applications such as 124 and 128 big bore bikes that would be ultra loud to begin with.

Khrome Werks 202711P Ripper InsertThis is a piece of 2.25” straight pipe with a flange on it so you can bolt it in.  It basically turns the muffler into a straight pipe. These things make even a slip on behind a cat ROWDY.

Khrome Werks 202712P Louvered InsertThis insert raises low end torque while not sacrificing sound level.  It does drop the high end horsepower level a bit and changes the tone o the muffler a bit making it sound more like a deep Rinehart or RC muffler.

Khrome Werks 202713P Decibel ReducerThis insert is strictly to reduce the decibel output of our mufflers to CA sound level.  They will reduce it according to SAE J2825 sound test which is what CA uses for their acceptable sound level.

Additional information

Tip Style

Slash Cut, Tracer, Turbine, Klassic, Edge


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