HD 216 Ohlins Shocks for Harley Davidson Dyna models 1991-2017






This shock is a 12″ shock that fits most HD Dyna Models 1991-2017. This is Ohlins entry level shock. It still has the Ohlins quality but comes at an economical price. It is a single-tube emulsion-style damper with pre-load adjustability. Factory length for Dyna’s are 12″ Except for 1993-2008 Wide Glides. They are 12 3/4″. This shock does NOT fit the Switchback. See part # HD 816 for Switchbacks.


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Many of the Ohlins suspensions are high pressure monotube type shock absorbers. The fluid is put under gas pressure and the gas and the fluid are kept apart by a separating piston. For the HD 216, HD 220, HD 816 and the HD 817 shocks, the fluids are fixed directly on top of the shock absorber. The HD 215 and HD 219 shock has a piggyback reservoir where the fluid is stored that is connected with a hose that helps with better cooling of the fluids to give a longer life of the components.  The gas and oil do not mix in this dividing piston type shock and is pressurized by nitrogen. This pressurization prevents cavitation of the fluid and the shock absorbing action is therefore more even.  The HD 216 and HD 220 Ohlins shock have adjustable pre-load of the spring action where as the fully adjustable HD 817 shock permits the individual to adjust the rebound and the HD 816 also allows the individual to adjust all of these things as well as the ride height.

Motorcycles are designed for a broad spectrum of riders (an average), but a motorcycle’s suspension only functions properly when it’s designed for you. Öhlins USA is dedicated to personalizing motorcycles to match the needs and abilities of riders, from neophytes to champions.

In motorcycling, more than increased horsepower, lightweight components, or digital ignition management, the suspension defines the experience. An Öhlins suspension alone can significantly reduce lap times, increase confidence and double the enjoyment for every rider of any ability. An Öhlins suspension can make a world tour a ride around the park.

The dynamic relationship between rider and road is managed solely by a motorcycle’s suspension. Because of that, the feel, the feedback, and the fun of riding all depend on the quality of the suspension. Our highly trained technicians at Öhlins USA are here to assist you in personalizing your machine to your needs.

Öhlins is the fun quotient!

Öhlins USA technicians are control freaks, determined to tune your motorcycle’s suspension to give you maximum control. At Öhlins USA your suspension is designed for your needs, your abilities, and to maximize your personal enjoyment of your track day experience.

The fastest starts, the quickest stops, the highest speeds, the slowest crawls, the tightest turns, and the sharpest bumps, are where Öhlins suspension tuning and components excel. The world’s best riders rely on Öhlins to help them ride better, and they’re already the world’s best riders. Let Öhlins make you a better rider.


Stock Harley Shocks:

  • They are made to one specification. They are not adjustable for each individual rider.
  • Stock shocks are cheap. They cost around $8.00 to produce!
  • Stock shocks are stiff and do not maintain proper air
  • They are disposable and wear out over time. If not replaced then they truly take away from the comfort and control of a great ride.

Why purchase an Ohlins shock?

  • Ohlins shocks have adjustable preload. Some models also offer compression and rebound damping adjustments
  • Ohlins Shocks will be shipped to you with the appropriate spring rating based on your needs
  • They are rebuildable so they are a one time purchase! Ohlins recommend sending your shocks in every 20,000-30,000 miles to be rebuilt
  • All Ohlins have a 5 year warranty
  • Installing an Ohlins suspension will give you the maximum handling ability of your motorcycle.
  • It will deliver the best comfort and performance every time you ride becoming a long lasting friend.

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