DLFP30HL-BS-H Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery for 1997-Newer Harley FLH/FLT Touring and Trike Models



DLFP30HL-BS-H Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery for Harley Touring and Trike Models. Fits 1997-Newer Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Ultras and 2009-Newer Tri-Glide Models. This is a 12V battery with 625 cranking amps. Optional twin power Lithium Ion Charger is needed for charging or for use as a battery tender to keep your battery fresh. ***Requires a Lithium Battery Charger made by Twin Power for charging. You cannot use a standard charger with this battery.***** Charger can be added to your order by selecting it in the drop down menu below.



Advanced technology, lightweight, high-CCA and direct fit make these the best direct fit Lithium Ion Batteries for H-D® applications. The most advanced high-power Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery technology from Twin Power offers your v-twin ultra-high cranking amps from a super-lightweight battery, weighing in at 1/3 of a lead acid battery. You will still get high performance even when stored up to one year and it will keep performing even in low-temperature environments. These batteries have no corrosive liquids or toxic heavy metals, making it very environmentally friendly. With a two-year warranty, it will service you more than twice as long as your old battery. Cylindical cell with energy storage welding technology for higher output Built-in charge and equalizing protection board prevents battery from overcharging Superior vibration-resistant construction allows multidirectional installation without damage Direct fit for O.E.M. applications with no shimming or adaptors required Heavy-duty terminals in stock configuration for easy installation and long-lasting performance • Lead battery cross reference:12N24-3, Y60-N24AL-B, Y60-N24L-A, YB30CL-B, YB30L-B, YIX30L-BS, GYZ32HL

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