CSR 58mm Elliptical Throttle Body for 2008-2017 Throttle By Wire Twin Cam & CVO




Fitment:    2008-2016 Throttle By Wire FLH/FLT Touring Models & 2016-2017 TBW Softail

A refundable core charge may apply to purchase this item.

We utilize your stock core electronics and build them into a new throttle body casting, CNC ported manifold, complete with new intake flanges and seals. Our throttle bodies are compatible with stock map sensors, fuel rail and cruise control and are all designed to increase airflow and improve performance.

You can choose from the drop down menu below if you want to pay the core charge and have your throttle body shipped out within 2-3 business days (if it is in stock) or you can choose to not pay the core charge and we will ship your throttle body out after we receive your stock throttle body in house .  Core charges will be refunded as soon as your working stock throttle body has been received and tested.  PLEASE NOTE: Cycle Solutions does not keep all intake sizes in stock.  Some throttle bodies can take 1-3 weeks to ship.

Increase your power by adding high flow injectors and/or Dyno Blades to your order by selecting them in the drop down menu below.  You can read about these products below in the product description.



Fitment:  2008-2016 Throttle By Wire FLH/FLT Touring Models & 2016-2017 TBW Softail

CSR Throttle Body

Cycle Solutions Inc. is known for their top performing throttle bodies. You can squeeze more power from your engine by switching out that stock throttle body and replacing it with a CSR 58mm throttle body. This throttle-by-wire throttle body is a complete upgrade from your stock unit and it is made exclusively for Cycle Solutions Inc. This is our stage 3 performance upgrade. We utilize the existing unit’s stock electronics and build a whole new throttle body and manifold complete with double sealed bearings, o-ringed gaskets and billet intake flanges. This is the only CNC ported, hand finished intake on the market available in all popular port sizes including Screamin’ Eagle, S&S, Revolution Performance and other popular aftermarket heads. You can choose your port size from the drop down menu. This throttle body is 58mm in front and behind the throttle blade unlike other competitors that have a much smaller intake runner. Call us with questions or for recommendations.

Our Throttle-By-Wire throttle bodies are made from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM quality and fit every time along with the OE factory electronics for direct plug in. The units are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower gains between 10-15hp depending on vehicle application and other build modifications.

This unit is highly recommended for bikes that already have our Stage 1 Upgrade (pipes, breather and tuner) and our Stage 2 Cam Upgrade and are looking for the next level of performance. If you already have an upgraded (i.e. SE 58mm Throttle body) let us show you how ours make more power. HD throttle bodies are a single piece cast unit. Ours is a 2 piece design that allows us to port and polish the entire throttle body from the blade to the plenum. We can also match the plenum size to the head. On 2008-Newer TBW throttle bodies we utilize the OEM TAC (Throttle Actuator Control) for seamless installation. We hand machine several style air intakes to match our throttle body for un-inhabited air flow.

Add High Flow Injectors to your Throttle body

Horsepower Inc High Flow Injectors are a direct drop-in replacement for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  These injectors feature a specifically engineered spray pattern that optimizes fuel atomization.  We have several options of fuel delivery to choose from depending on your application.

Add Dyno Blades Fuel Injector Nozzle for Harley Davidson Models

Dyno Blades are relatively inexpensive and provide horsepower and steady torque gains.  PLEASE NOTE: Dyno blades do not fit all aftermarket injectors.  They will fit stock injectors and some HPI Injectors.  Please contact us if your injectors are aftermarket and you are interested in Dyno Blades.


Product Features:

  • Attaches to the nozzle tip end of the modern solenoid activated port fuel injector
  • Distributes fuel into a venture that vaporizes fuel in the center of the intake port directly in front of the intake valve
  • Dyno Blades enhances combustion efficiency through the rapid transfer of heat from the atmospheric charge (air) to the fuel
  • Easily control the internal intake port air flow externally at the touch of a finger
  • Made in USA from 6061T billet Aluminum and are fully anodized
  • Designed with safety features so they can never fall into a port.

Need to upgrade your air intake to match your new larger throttle body?

Cycle Solutions Inc offers several styles of motorcycle air intakes that have a backing plate specifically for a 58mm and larger throttle body.  Our intakes have larger openings that match up perfectly to our large throttle bodies so that there is no air flow restrictions letting your throttle body breathe!  Be sure to check out our air intake section when purchasing a larger throttle body.


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