Box of Lube Service Kit For All 2017-Older Harley Davidson Softail Models




This is a service kit for all 2017-Older Softail Models. Our kit includes 3 quarts of your choice of motor oil, a standard o’ring for the engine drain plug and a reference card to fill out and help keep track of your service history.  Our customizable kits let you add all the products that you need to service your motorcycle.  You can add an Oil Filter, a K&P o’ring for those of you that already have a K&P reusable oil filter and Transmission and Primary Oil to perform a complete service.  Upgrade to a premium service kit by adding Lucas Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer, NGk Iridium Spark Plugs and Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs.

Read about these great products in the detailed description below or our recommendations in the additional info tab.




This kit is for all 2017-Older HD Softail Motorcycles.


Lucas Motorcycle Oil Products

Lucas High Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of technology gained through years of blending motor oils and gear oils for the racing industry.  These are TRUE racing oils that FAR exceed all manufacturer specifications and can outlast other oils up to 4 times on the track or on the street.  Lucas Motorcycle Oils are built for endurance. These oils will lower oil temperatures, extend the life of vital components, reduce noise and leaks and increase performance.

  • Lower oil temperatures
  • Longer oil life
  • Longer component life
  • Less noise, fewer leaks
  • All Lucas Motorcycle Oils meet JASO specifications
  • Meets or exceeds: API SG / SF / CC / CD, JASO MA & JASO MA-2, ACEA A3

Lucas V-Twin Gear Oil

Lucas Synthetic SAE 75W-140 V-Twin Gear Oil is blended with the highest quality synthetic base oils and a Lucas synthetic additive package that makes it superior to any other motorcycle gear oil. Expect a cool quiet performance with minimum wear and minimum drag. Stands up to high horse power and high temperatures. Designed especially for V-Twins but excellent for use in any heavy duty or high performance transmission.

  • Blended with high quality synthetic base oils
  • Cools & quiets with minimum wear and drag
  • Stands up to high horse power and high temperatures
  • Designed for V-Twins also for any high performance transmission

Lucas Primary Chaincase Oil

Lucas Primary Chaincase Oil is a blend of easy flowing base oils and a Lucas additive package designed to carry away more heat from the clutch plates and friction plates. This assures a longer more trouble-free clutch life.  Expect a smooth clutch action, less slippage, longer chain and sprocket life and a much longer oil life. This is a heat transfer fluid for the clutch as well as a lubricant for the chain and sprockets.

  • Cool & Quiets
  • Designed for heavy duty high performance situations
  • Meets or exceeds all OEM requirements

Lucas Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer

Lucas designed this Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer to control heat and wear in high performance motorcycles. Excellent for reducing friction, increasing compression for enhanced fuel mileage. Eliminates dry starts, the #1 cause of wear in motorcycle engines. Also perfect for Harley Davidsons, ATV’s and UTV’s. For use in Primaries and Gear Boxes.  Cycle Solutions Inc recommends this product with every oil change.  We offer it as an upgrade with all our oil changing services from our shop and show truck.

  • 100% Petroleum
  • Will not void new vehicle warranties
  • Reduces temperature and friction
  • Extends oil life up to 50%
  • Increases oil pressure
  • Increases fuel mileage and power
  • Insures against oil breakdown in case of overheating
  • Will not sludge or vanish
  • Cools and quiets engines and gear boxes


K&N Oil Filters

K&N Harley® motorcycle oil filters provide outstanding filtration levels and allow for high oil flow rates.K&N’s premium line of Wrench-Off® oil filters are designed to meet the high performance needs of riders. These canister style premium oil filters are designed to handle high oil pressures and they can be used with the latest synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oils. K&N canister oil filters come with a 17mm nut welded to the top that makes removal easy and either a black or chrome finish (where available).

  • Premium O/E Replacement Oil Filters
  • 17 mm Nut for Easy Oil Filter Removal
  • Heavy Duty Construction for Extreme Conditions
  • Allows for High Oil Flow Rates
  • Anti-Drainback Valve (where applicable)

K&P Engineering Lifetime Washable/Reusable Oil Filters:

K&P manufacturers the best oil filters period. These filters are made from billet aluminum with a stainless steel filter insert that can be cleaned and re-used. The finned case also performs as an oil filter cooler that will help cool down your engine oil which will in turn, allow the oil to flow faster and keep your engine performing more efficiently.

There are a couple of differences between the S4, S44 and the S69 oil filters. The S4 is the original size oil filter that K&P manufacturers at a length of 3″. This is a great filter hands down over any paper filter or any other re-useable oil filter on the market. Not long after we began selling this quality filter we spoke with Dave about increasing the length to get even more cooling benefits. Harley’s are hot running machines so anything that can help cool them down is a plus. That’s when the S44 K&P Oil Filter was introduced. It is 3 9/16″ in length which equals a 21.8% more cooling surface than the S4. The S44 also has a 14% larger oil capacity than the S4. The S44 will actually gain you an additional horsepower as well. Dyno tested! The S69 oil filter is the next level of filtration! This filter is often reffered to as “The Schlong” and it is a whopping 5 1/8″ in length. This filter has 100% more cooling surface and filter media size than the S4 making the S69 the top dog of oil filters sold currently.

The S44 and S69 lengths are a Cycle Solutions Inc exclusive product and can only be purchased from our website, show truck or shops. There are other companies selling a knock off version of the K&P Oil Filter. Do not be fooled. They are cheaply made and do not perform.

All sizes of the K&P Oil Filter/Cooler over these features and benefits:

  • The most technically advanced oil filter you can buy
  • Consistent filtering across entire filter surface
  • Superior ASTMF316 filtration performance
  • 7 times the flow of comparable paper oil filters
  • Magnetic Prefiltering
  • Billet aluminum filter case doubles as an oil cooler
  • Progressive rate bypass combined with high flow characteristics of the filter media avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold startup and high rpm
  • No more cutting apart messy paper filters for trapped debris inspection
  • Proven in Motorsports, Military and Aerospace applications for years
  • No more oily paper filters to the landfills
  • May be the last oil filter you’ll buy
  • Inspect, Clean, Reuse

Already have a K&P Oil Filter?  Select the replacement o’ring in the filter drop down menu and we will ship you a replacement oring for your filter.


Gain up to 3HP just by using these plugs!

  • The ultimate in spark plug technology and performance from the industry leader
  • The iridium electrode is 25% smaller than a platinum electrode, and it’s just 1/4 the size of a conventional nickel electrode
  • Ultra-small diameter center electrode reduces voltage requirements and extends ignition system life
  • New metal shell plating has enhanced anti-corrosion qualities
  • Come pre-gapped


This is the mother of all magnetic drain plugs. It is 100 times stronger than the factory drain plug. This magnetic drain plug does not break down from normal or excessive engine oil temperature. It is guaranteed for life. Please view our YouTube video demonstrating this product.

• The magnets pull all the ferrous metal out of the oil.
• The more powerful the magnet, the cleaner the oil.
• We use the most powerful magnets in the world.
• Our magnets are high temperature magnets, good for over 300 degrees.
• Regular neodymium magnets lose magnetism at 175 degrees.
• Our magnets lose only 1/2 of one percent in a hundred years!
• GUARANTEED Our patented plugs will not leak or back out. Guaranteed.
• Effective in vibration, temperature variation and pressure spike situations.
• No chemical sealant required.
• Reseals repeatedly without loss of effectiveness.
• Peace of mind knowing you have now done everything possible in caring for your vehicle.

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