Another Happy Customer – Thunder Beach 2023

Jul 6, 2023 | Testimonials, Transmission and Driveline Upgrades

I went to Thunder Beach Spring Rally 2023 for two reasons. I got to see my two best friends and to have a Rekluse Clutch put in at Cycle Solutions on Saturday. I spoke to the lovely lady Kim earlier in the month to schedule my appt during the rally. I dropped my bike off in the morning and they had it done by noon. Got a run down of how to use and went back to buddies’ house in town. Ride home next day to Virginia. Total 15 hours and last three in the rain. The bike ran great. Parked it that night and next day went to go for a ride to play with the new clutch. The bike wouldn’t even move an inch. Reached out to Cyle Solutions and Chris called me. He tried to walk me through adjusting the clutch with no luck and I know I frustrated him at times, but he was patient with me. He let me know if I could get bike to Myrtle Beach for Beach Week, he could get it in and working. You don’t have to pull my leg and now I have to con my wife into another road trip just this time truck and trailer.  Chris and his team not only put a brand-new Rekluse RadiusX Automatic Clutch in at no cost. I had some more upgrades added as well. Bike runs awesome. He and his team were amazing. I will not let anyone touch my bile but Cyle Solutions and will drive cross country to get my bike to them. I’m a nurse so this has been my therapy for the last 4 plus years dealing with healthcare. So, thank you is an understatement. I can’t wait to see you guys again!!!!!!

Ken Kennedy
Manassas, Virginia