ThunderMax Auto Tune 309-591 and 309-592 for 2021-Newer Models Available for Pre-Order with a $200 Deposit!!

Sep 29, 2021 | New Products, Performance Products

2021 ThunderMax Auto Tune Touring SoftailPlan ahead and pre-order the 2021 model ThunderMax! The last two years have been plagued with backorders in the motorcycle industry and there’s a chance it will be the same for 2022. A lot of you likely ordered a Milwaukee-Eight aftermarket performance product this year and experienced waiting for it. Trust us, we felt your frustration along with everyone else. 2020 slowed down the whole supply chain and the effects are still being felt. Many of you have already purchased a 2021 Harley-Davidson model discovered that the current M8 ThunderMax Auto Tune unit won’t work as Harley-Davidson changed the stock ECM entirely. We expect the new 2021 ThunderMax units to be available late Spring and to help smooth out what is likely to be another backorder season, and ease the process of getting your hands on this product, we will be taking $200 pre-order deposits for those who need it as soon as possible. You will have one reserved as they come into stock. Once in stock, we will contact you to complete your order. The links for these new units are below:

ThunderMax Auto Tune 309-591 for 2021-Newer Harley-Davidson M8 Touring Models:

ThunderMax Auto Tune 309-592 for 2021-Newer Harley-Davidson M8 Softail Models: