Make your Milwaukee Eight Softail Even Cooler with Love Jugs Warrior Cooling Fans

Sep 2, 2021 | New Products, Performance Products


Some like it HOT, but when it comes to your Harley, HOT IS BAD. Love Jugs cooling fans can cool your motorcycle down so you can ride anywhere without overheating. And we mean anywhere!  Love Jugs has been cooling hawgs down for years for FL Touring and Indian motorcycles.

The Love Jug Warriors are the newest models for the Milwaukee 8 Softails and the 2018 Heritage Classic. The Love Jugs warriors are designed to attack the excessive heat and oil temperatures of your engine. This model will work hard to cool Harley’s engines every day. What is nice about this kit is that is available in three finishes and it requires no other parts, kits or adaptors to install.  Order the fans and you have everything you need to start being cooler!


Love Jugs have done many documented tests to prove over a 100 degree reduction in engine temperatures, and over a 50 degree reduction in oil temperature.
Don’t have an M8 Softail? Love Jugs has fans for all HD and Indian motorcycles.  All fans are currently in stock and can ship within 1-2 business days. Don’t let the summer heat keep you down, order today and get out and ride!