We’ve got CLUTCHES!

Mar 1, 2021 | Performance Products

Cycle Solutions Inc will be your go to place this at Daytona Bike Week for all your clutch needs.

We proudly sell and install Rekluse Clutches for V-Twins.

Going to spend some time on Main Street in Daytona?  Now you can enjoy the excitement of Main Street and not worry about holding in that clutch in traffic.  Check out Rekluse’s Radius X Clutch that allows you to stop and go with out your clutch.

Rekluse Radius X:

Radius X is a high performance centrifugal auto clutch combining TorqDrive and EXP technologies. TorqDrive provides more clutch disks in less space, allowing for maximum performance within your bike’s existing clutch footprint. You retain full control of shifting and use of your clutch lever with no compromise in power delivery. Just shift, twist and go! The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time for shifting aRekluse RadiusXnd taking off. What makes this clutch unique is its centrifugal lockup clutch. You can pull your clutch in at a stoplight, drop the bike into 1st or 2nd gear and release the clutch. This was designed so that when you are in heavy traffic you can leave your bike in gear and not have to keep pulling the clutch in constantly during stop and go traffic.

Rekluse TorqDrive:

Rekluse TorqDriveUnlock more power! TorqDrive provides more disks in less space, allowing us to add up to 6 additional frictions disks to the clutch pack over stock.  More frictions = more torque capacity thus unlocking the full power of your engine without the need to add stiffer pressure plate springs or a lock up device.  Proven in racing at the highest levels, it’s not just good, it’s revolutionary.


Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder:

A proven solution you can trust. Rekluse has years of experience engineering and manufacturing high performance billet slave cylinders specifically for motorcycle applications. The Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder reduces the clutch lever pull on Harley-Davidson® models without compromising clutch performance.