Think you are protected with your stock drain plug? Think again! Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs work!

Dec 18, 2019 | Performance Products

Stock drain plugs come with magnets on the end in attempts to collect metal particles in your oil if they are present.  Your protected right?  Wrong!  Stock magnets loose their magnetism as the heat from your motor heats them up and to be honest, they are not that good to start with.

Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs are the strongest magnet on the market.  They can take over 300 degrees and not loose power. The image below speaks for itself.  This is a Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug that was removed from a customer’s motorcycle while in for repair at our Forty Myers, Florida location.Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug

Here is the story on this particular motorcycle.  The customer came in for a service on his motorcycle.  At the time of the initial oil change he was using the stock drain plug.  There was not indication of potential problems with the motorcycle because the stock plug did not alert us of any.  We installed the Dimple magnetic drain plugs at the time of the service.  After the customer put some miles on the motorcycle he called and scheduled an appointment with some concerns he was having.  When we dropped the fluid we discovered all the metal debris on the drain plug indicating there was a problem.  This motorcycle had been experiencing kick back during starts and it was chipping away the teeth in the ring gear in the clutch.  The drain plug collected these teeth and kept them from moving around in the fluid causing more damage.

This product is that it can alert you about a problem with your engine or transmission that you would not know what happening because you can see the debris on the drain plug or in the fluid when servicing it.

Chris also demonstrates the power of the Dimple magnetic drain plugs in the video below:

Buying these plugs are easier than ever.  Our build your own kit allows you to buy the plugs you want.  Buy multiple plugs and save.  You can purchase a 4 pack that includes the dry sump plug or if you have several motorcycles and you just want to purchase engine oil plugs you can!  Check out our plugs here.

Dimple magnetic drain plugs make great stocking stuffers for that motorcycle enthusiast in your family.  If you are not sure what plug size you need then call or email us and we can help.